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Decorist Online Interior Design Reviews

APRIL 9, 2017
Photo credit: Decorist

We're thrilled when customers love their final design but what makes us even happier is when customers say they loved the experience. Here are some of our recent projects and what our customers had to say about their new rooms. If they sound happy, they should: we have a Happiness Guarantee for all our projects!


Rating: 5 stars on Yelp and Google (March 2017)

Customer: Shen Robinson

Designer: Kate Mazza, Decorist Classic designer

Project: Guest bedroom and home office


Online interior design project - guest bedroom and home office

I had been considering using Decorist for some time, but wasn't sure what to expect from an online interior design company. My coworker had used them and loved his master bedroom redesign (and he's a very particular person!), so that gave me some encouragement. I'm glad to say that after finally using them for a Classic redesign with 3D rendering for my guest bedroom, I'm a huge fan and could not have been happier with the process and result!

The designer I selected was Kate Mazza, for her bold contemporary style. We wanted something clean and modern but not cookie cutter, and she really came through with a final look we could not have been more pleased with. We described what we wanted for our downstairs bedroom - a guest space that could double over as an office, and also somewhere I could hang my paintings where the room design could complement the aesthetic of my art. We also told her the room had to be pet-friendly. I actually found the list of initial questions to be quite fun. They are pretty basic and really helped us and Kate to understand what we were looking for. After receiving our initial answers, Kate came back with two concept boards, and while I was almost immediately sold on one of them because I loved the rug and how it set the tone for the whole room, both concepts were great. I ended up choosing pieces from both for her to incorporate into our final design. Kate was extremely responsive (sometimes responding to my messages within minutes!) and I had absolutely no problems with communicating with her or Decorist, as some other reviewers have mentioned. If there have been issues with other designers or Decorist not responding fast enough, my guess is that the company has listened to that feedback and since corrected the issues. In fact, when I didn't respond to the design concept boards for a couple days because we were travelling, someone else at Decorist actually reached out to make sure I'd seen them and ask for my feedback.

I'm in love with our new bedroom and can't wait for all my new pieces to start arriving! =) I recommended Decorist to one of my best friends and she is excited to start using them as well for her new master bedroom. And I will definitely use them again when I redo our other rooms (it's pretty addictive seeing how amazing your space can look with a fresh set of eyes!) Thanks Decorist for a great experience and an AWESOME room!


Rating: 5 stars on Google (March 2017)

Customer: Jacquelyn Williamson

Designer: Jenna Gaidusek, Decorist Classic designer

Project: Living room

I was absolutely struggling with how to decorate an open plan room - I wanted an updated look that also incorporated several antiques I inherited. She (Jenna Gaidusek)did a great job working them all into the plan, and has been so helpful. She incorporated all my concerns (including worries about pets), and has tried to answer all my questions as soon as she can. Great designer, and a great service! However be aware that once you receive your final plan and the shopping list for it, you will have to buy the majority of the items right away. Due to their connections with on line retail, the items are often more reasonable priced but they sell out very fast. So save up before going through with the online interior design process so that you will have enough money to buy things right away!

Rating: 5 stars on Google (March 2017)

Customer: Laura Muliei

Designer: Megan Moran, Decorist Classic designer

Project: Living room

This was our first time using online interior design firm Decorist and we were absolutely thrilled with the process. We were lucky enough to work with Megan Moran, who created an amazing space that our whole family will enjoy. Megan was great to work with and took the time to incorporate design that reflected our personalities. We have just installed everything and couldn't be happier. We would recommend Megan to anyone looking for a fresh, fun and classic design.

Rating: 5 stars on Google (March 2017)

Customer: Erin Yanowitch

Designer: HCC Designs, Decorist Classic designer

Project: Kids bedroom

I worked with Casey from HCC Designs and the entire online interior design process was actually enjoyable. She immediately "got" my style and knew what would work with my lifestyle and budget. She responded back to my questions and concerns immediately and made appropriate adjustments when necessary. I look forward to using her services in the future and am thrilled about my new space!

Rating: 5 stars on Google (March 2017)

Customer: Mike Hemenway

Designer: Sam Norman, Decorist Classic designer

Project: Living room

I worked with Sam Norman on my living room. I bought a house and renovated it. I can't stand to shop for furnishings and have 0 interest in decorating and I am color blind as well. Sam did a nice job in getting me through the online interior design process and showing me different concepts. This would have taken me several months on my own and I think from start to finish this took about 7-10 days start to finish. My sister referred my to Decorist and I would recommend it to anyone.

Rating: 5 stars on Yelp and Google (March 2017)

Customer: Laurel Duggan

Designer: Mikayla Keating, Decorist Classic designer

Project: Living room and bedroom

I worked with Mikayla Keating at Decorist to do a full design concept for my living room and bedroom. The process could not have been easier and Mikayla proved herself to be a skilled expert in capturing my vision, sticking to my budget, and sourcing beautiful pieces from a range of vendors and designers. The approach Decorist takes requires minimal input from the customer, and their software accommodates easy communication, uploading of photos, and an overall seamless platform to provide feedback and encourage a dynamic process along the way. Mikayla was an absolute dream to work with -- she clearly took into account my feedback throughout the entire process, and perfectly captured my vision for my space. Like anything, Decorist is a two way street, so I made sure to provide quick and clear feedback and guidance, and Mikayla was adept at incorporating my thoughts into the designs she offered. I have good taste and I know what I like, but pulling it together into a cohesive vision across all pieces is not my forte, and quite frankly I don't have the time to do it. Decorist's reasonable pricing was worth every single penny. I highly recommend this online interior design service to people who want a beautiful, comfortable space, but don't have the time nor the experience to pull off the feel you're trying to capture. Mikayla Keating is an absolute dream!!

Rating: 5 stars on Google (March 2017)

Customer: Allison Derrick

Designer: Nora O'Halloran, Decorist Classic designer

Project: Office, kids bedrooms, playroom

I have worked with Nora O'Halloran on 4 different rooms now and each of these online interior design projects have gone better than I could have ever imagined. We get so many compliments on these rooms (office, 2 kids rooms and a playroom)! She was extremely patient and receptive to feedback, kept the design within our budget, and was willing to integrate items that we already owned - and did so seamlessly with the final design! I would highly recommend her as one of the designers - we will definitely be using her again in the future as we make our way through our entire house makeover!

Rating: 5 stars on Google (March 2017)

Customer: Vijeyta Aggarwal

Designer: Nora O'Halloran, Decorist Classic designer

Project: Living room

I worked with Nora O'Halloran on two online interior design projects and the output is simply stunning. Nora is collaborative and responsive. She was able to nail down my design style right away and also provided a number of options at different price points without compromising on the design. I plan to work with Nora on additional spaces.

Rating: 5 stars on Google (March 2017)

Customer: Alex Jorgensen

Designer: Cindy Wall, Decorist Classic designer

Project: Living room

I was assigned Cindy Wall as my designer for our living room. Cindy was great! She was responsive and took my comments and opinions into consideration when designing the room. She worked with me via the messenger feature to send pics of things to see if I would like them and worked with me until she found pieces that I loved. She did an awesome job and we absolutely love our room. I would definitely use Decorist for online interior design again and recommend it to people whenever I can!!

Rating: 5 stars on Yelp (March 2017)

Customer: Sarak K.

Designer: Virginia Wyatt, Decorist Classic designer

Project: Living room

I had been stalking the Decorist website for several months. I loved looking at the pictures of the beautifully decorated rooms and wondered if it were possible for my almost 100 year old village home to ever look that way. Well I finally got the chance when my husband got me a Decorist gift certificate for my birthday. I was psyched!

I anxiously awaited the information to get me signed in and signed up. Here is where we hit a tiny snafu (the only downside to my whole experience). My husband was told that the gift certificate would be mailed to our home and it would include all the login info to get started. He ordered it about 10 days out from my bday and he was told it would arrive in 3-4 business days. I thought it was strange when he kept asking me if I had gotten anything in the mail. When it didn't arrive for my birthday, my husband ended up just telling me about it and he emailed Decorist to get the code so I could get started. They did send it to him via email (I would have liked the certificate in the mail though).

Once I got started I was so excited; finally my living room was going to shine bright! I completed the online interior design questionnaire and sent the specs of my room, my drawing kind of looked like my 7 year old did it, but it worked for my designer :). Once I was assigned my designer, it was non stop fun from that point on . Virginia Wyatt was awesome, while we chatted via email, she was so easy to talk to; she asked me great questions and I tried my best to answer them. She was thorough and communicated with me every step of the way. I felt like I was working with a close friend! She took my feedback and responded quickly and with great ideas. Every time I saw that I had an email from her, I was like a giddy high schooler, I couldn't wait to see what she had come up with.

The two renderings she created were great. I was drown to one and my husband to the other, so I told her my thoughts and the final design was a perfect blend of both. The room was bright, fresh and clean with pops of color (my husband wanted the color). The items that she recommended were gorgeous and within my budget. I immediately ordered a bunch of pieces so that I didn't miss out on the Decorist pricing and wanted to make sure they were in stock. Some of the pieces she did suggest were on backorder and would take a little longer to come in, but they were perfect, so I ordered them and will try to wait patiently for them to arrive.

All in all the online interior design process was great. Virginia took all of my thoughts and ideas and created a great space for me and my family. I can't wait to send her pictures when the room is complete. It was great working with her and will definitely keep her in mind if I'm able to attack another room in my house.

Rating: 5 stars on Google (March 2017)

Customer: Kim K.

Designer: Joshua Jones, Decorist Classic designer

Project: Great room

Joshua Jones was the talented classic designer selected by Decorist for our Great Room.  He was up for the challenge of our complicated layout which would make mere mortals flee.  We were also undergoing a major remodel of the kitchen at the time and he built on our plan there to define the space and ensure it flowed well.  Joshua excels in the use of texture, color, light, style and accessorizing including the selection of art.  He is patient, thoughtful, and communicates clearly.  His follow up is fabulous.  He even gave specific direction on paint selection and instructions (including where exactly to put everything).  He volunteered to answer questions post final approval which we very much appreciate.  Decorist online interior design is a valuable resource for people who obsess and agonize over making mistakes and therefore do nothing to enhance their living spaces.  Many thanks for a job well done.  We will definitely use Joshua's services for our living room and entry re-do.

Rating: 5 stars on Google (February 2017)

Customer: Cristina Galvez

Designer: Natalia Avalos, Decorist Classic designer

Project: Living room and dining room

Natalia Avalos was a pleasure to work with. She was very accommodating and was very flexible. She responds to all my questions right away and was very patient. She provided me with a lot of options and was very easy to work with. Most of all, she transformed our formal living room and dining room and made it more cohesive. Thanks Natalia!

Rating: 5 stars on Google (February 2017)

Customer: Cristina Galvez

Designer: Whitney Sims, Decorist Classic designer

Project: Kids bedrooms

Whitney Sims designed two fun and inspiring kids' rooms for our home. Her designs are beautiful and our kids are beyond excited about their new bedrooms. She used our ideas as a starting point and created something better than we could have imagined. I'm glad we decided to work with her and am happy to recommend her work!

Rating: 5 stars on Yelp (February 2017)

Customer: A. A.

Designer: Baylee Floyd, Decorist Classic designer

Project: Home office and bathroom

Baylee Floyd is the BEST!  I have now employed her services twice (once for my entire office renovation, which included 2 separate offices and one reception area) and one of my bathrooms at home.  She totally gets my style, so the office renovation went pretty seamlessly.  What I was most impressed by, though, is despite the fact my husband and I have completely distinct tastes (his totally old school--think Lincoln log cabin dark wood everywhere vs my more modern and bright white tastes), she was able to merge the two to create a space that we both love.  ALSO, both projects had to be completed in a very short time frame and she delivered early!  She is so receptive.  She replies to messages almost immediately and she will answer every question you have.  I will continue to use Baylee as long as she doesn't tire of me.  Decorist, in general, has been revolutionary for me.  I live in a tiny town with no such services available for hundreds of miles so the ease of use, their professionalism, the ability to buy everything from one place and have it shipped without having to visit individual store websites for each piece is brilliant and customer service is great should you have any issues.  I will continue to use Decorist for all of my online interior design needs.

Rating: 5 stars on Yelp (February 2017)

Customer: TP

Designer: Brianna Mannion, Decorist Classic designer

Project: Basement

I decided to try the online interior design to help me with basement that we just threw all our old furniture into (which most people do...). I picked a Classic designer from their list. Someone from the Decorist contacted me within a day and let me know they assigned another designer to me. Initially, I was kind of bummed... BUT decided to just go with it. I was assigned Brianna Mannion. She contacted me promptly and asked a bunch of questions about my preferred styles/stuff I dislike and for a link to my Pinterest page. She was friendly and professional. I said that I would prefer keeping the couches in the space but was also open to replacing them if she couldn't make it work. They're old and bulky so I assumed she'd replace them. I was told to expect a couple concept boards in a week... she delivered them within a few days! I was actually very impressed with her concept boards! She incorporated my old couches into the space and did a fantastic job!! I looked on Pinterest for a while to try and find ways to use those old bulky couches in my space with the style I preferred (Scandinavian/mid-century modern/bohemian) but wasn't able to. But Brianna was able to bring together my old couches with the styles I had pinned! I am so happy she was assigned to me and I highly recommend Brianna and Decorist! :)

5 Star Review:

"I just finished my first room with Decorist and am about to sign up for a second room with the same designer, Emily Johnson. I found Decorist on a home-style blog and fell in love with the featured room. When that particular designer had a wait list which I placed myself on, Decorist emailed me right away to offer any help, and to see if they could help me find another designer with similar aesthetic who was available right away. After looking at the portfolios of the 4 recommended designers, we chose Emily Johnson and we are so glad we did! She was able to work with my husband's and my contrasting styles (mid-century modern and bohemian with a little luxe thrown in!), and bring them together to create an absolutely beautiful living room for us that we both love.....and never would've come up with on our own! She had great communication along the way and sent us options to look at throughout the design process. My initial questionnaire had so many different thoughts and ideas and different directions, and she brought it together beautifully. We even had second thoughts about the rug we chose for the final design concept and she came back and helped us find the perfect replacement. Emily (and Decorist!) really wants to make sure you are completely happy! This service is easy to use and very affordable. It is exactly what we needed and I can't wait to see what Emily comes up with for my 2 year old boy's room!"

--Amy B.

5 Star Review:

We were living abroad and planning on moving back into our home in the States and wanted to refresh the rooms. Decorist was the perfect blend of individualized service without having to meet in person or go to stores to find all items yourself. Our designer Nora O'Halloran had beautiful design ideas and was prompt to act on any preferences I suggested. Would highly recommend this service.

--Ashley Y.

"It was a wonderful experience. Jessica, my designer, asked me questions that I would never ask myself... It's such an inspiring and enjoyable space that I can't stay away from it. It really has showed me what good design can do for a space."

--Alexandra E.

5 Star Review:

"Innovative, affordable, high-quality interior design service -- all online. My designer Hilary was great. The design she offered me was in my style and the furniture recommendations and room layout were wonderful.  I had visions for the room but a lack of ability to pull it all together, especially the lay-out and use of (minimal) color.  This service is well worth the low flat fee. Highly recommend"


Living room design by Decorist

"We absolutely L-O-V-E the room. You definitely nailed the look and feel we were going for... overall genuinely couldn't be happier with the final design you put together. EXTREMELY IMPRESSED!!"

5 Star Review:

"Decorist is an amazing service concept in the Interior Design arena. Easy, fast and spot-on design inspiration. Would recommend to anyone thinking about a designing and/or refreshing an existing space."

--K. F.

Playroom design by Decorist

"I love it!! It's going to be so great when it's finished! Thank you!!"

5 Star Review:

"Thank you Ellice Condon for an absolutely spot-on plan for my small bathroom. I was shocked and so happy to see that you listened to me and gave me exactly what I wanted. After this project, we'll work on my upstairs bathroom. I highly recommend this service if only to inspire you and start your creative juices flowing. I am recommending this service to all of my real estate clients. Pros: Spot-on plan for my small bathroom  Cons: I asked a follow up question and did not receive a response. Hopefully, they are working on communication."

--Catherine D.

Living room design by Decorist

"The room looks so great, excited to get started decorating! I do love all the elements you have selected. I'm so thankful for your creative vision on our room :)"

5 Star Review

"We used Decorist to complete our lobby at work.  Everyone's impressed!  They created a few economical designs, and were completely wonderful to work with throughout the whole process.  I would highly recommend."

--Diane F

5 Star Review:

"I worked with Nora O'Halloran on a bedroom for my sons, who are 2 and 4. I'm happy with the design we came up with, I definitely wouldn't have been able to put it together myself."

--Caroline O.

5 Star Review:

"Decorist is the best of the online design services. They were super helpful and continue to be so, even though my project has ended. They customer service is great, as well as the designers' great taste. Five stars all the way! Decorist is a total life (and relationship) saver."

--Annie S

5 Star Review:

"Gabriela Eisenhart from Decorist assisted me in having my Pinterest dreams come true! 

We purchased our first house and I wasn't willing to waste time or money. See, at times I'm ambitious, the artsy side of me kicks in, I end up making purchases that my heart is drawn to buy, but when I lay the pieces out, often times I feel I've wasted time, money and energy. For example, I spent, $400 on peel and stick  wallpaper for my daughters room. We got a few pieces on the wall and the room was looking busy and cluttered. Left that project midway, my $400 went to waste and my daughter was upset about her unfinished room for months. I went through 3 different rugs for my living room, paid restocking fees and suffered a lot of disappointment before I found the right rug (that too through an interior designer who was very expensive). After wasting a lot of time, money and effort, I was lucky enough to find Decorist! 

I'm so grateful for giving Decorist a try. I must have signed up for it during my ambition sprout when we purchased the house. I stumbled upon a Decorist email one day before the New Year. They were having a promotion and I thought, I don't have much to lose. I gave Decorist a shot and I am now a loyal customer. The company is reliable, professional and affordable! 

I've worked with a virtual interior designer in the past who has also been featured on shows like the Today Show, but after experiencing Decorist, she seems like a overpriced rookie! 

Decorist is highly organized, easy to use and will save you lots of money. I loved the entire virtual design process. Everything from the quiz to evaluate design preference, getting matched to a designer, receiving the concepts, working with the designer on likes and dislikes and finally getting the final project with the layout and product list was a satisfying experience. The project was nothing less than organized and efficient. Best of all, the shopping list includes items that seem to be priced the most competitive on the web and you get $100 off on your purchases of $400 or more. There's no hassle in making purchases because decorist handles that for you! Seriously! This company is amazing! They've helped me save so much money and I've never been happier with any interior design concept of mine in the past! 

This is what I have to say about my room designs: 

Daughter's bedroom :

I'm  just about done completing my daughter's room and I can't thank Gabriela from decorist enough for working with me to create a serene and fresh environment for my nine year old. She is ecstatic about her room, and hardly leaves it. In fact, I wake up every morning and go straight to her room to admire it. The white opened the space up far more than I would have imagined. The pops of pink, make it young and fresh. The gold accents tie it with the rest of the home and give it a touch of Paris that we were looking for and the black gives a wonderful contrast. I just can't say enough about Gabriela's eye for design. She opened up my mind, brought peace and calm to my daughter's life which brings peace of heart and happiness to me. Gabriela, you are not just a designer, you change lives! Thank you! 

My master bedroom: 

My master bedroom is now a sanctuary! It is romantic, peaceful, alluring and luxurious! I don't want to leave my room! I absolutely love it. It makes me feel calm and serene. Truly our sanctuary. Every time I enter I feel like I'm on vacation. Thank you so much Gabriela! 

I've used Decorist twice already and I'm addicted! I'm on my next project with Gabriela for our bathroom and just purchased a fourth project for my other daughter's bedroom! I will be using Decorist to design my entire home!

Thank you Decorist!"

 --Faiza P.

5 Star Review:

"I recently just completed my living room design project with Decorist and I have to say it came out beautiful. I did a classic design with Jodi (JLA Designs), who I absolutely recommend, she was very easy to work and was able to pick up exactly what I was looking for with a few pictures and details I submitted. I loved both the concepts she presented and in the end Jodi was able to marry the two based on the pieces I loved. And the best part of this experience is they provide you with a shopping list of all the items that link out to the sites to purchase or Decorist can purchase on your behalf. I did such a lengthy review of other design sites before starting but Decorist seem to offer the best service at a really reasonable price. I will be starting another room with them shortly!"

--Josie T.

5 Star Review:

"This was my second stab a decorating company. Unfortunately, the first company I used was not helpful and I could not even find one thing I liked in their design concepts. I thought I would try another company, and I was extremely nervous. I decided to select Christina Higham, a classic designer. I wanted to first "try" the company before I used a more experienced designer that was more costly. Honestly I was not expecting too much. One the price was incredibly reasonable, cheaper than the first company I used and I selected the lowest level designer. Apparently, the cost and experience did not impact or play a role in the design process. Christina nailed the concept boards 100% and honestly she did not even need to do a final board, but she did! All the details were there - window coverings, wall color, wall paper if I wanted, yes she even found other options, right down to small accessories for the shelves and bedding. I was beyond pleased with both of the concept boards and her final board. I attribute her success to her ability to actually listen to the client(s).  I had her design a boys teen room, unbelievable challenge!   I had very little inspiration because honestly I could not find anything I liked. Every inspiration online contained sports related themes or were just weird. They seemed to be all dark and not light and airy.  I wanted a more apt. feel and something he could just hang out in and enjoy for several years. When she came back with her concept boards it was like she had known my son his entire life. I believe a good designer knows their clients, cares and really thinks about the people they are designing for. Christina was spot on. Furthermore, the ordering department is amazing. I was skeptical about ordering with them,, but they were even able to apply discount codes at various stores.  They order everything for you in one step. Overall, this was by far a fun and exciting process. I would highly recommend this company and I would highly recommend Christina!"

--Nessa W.

5 Star Review:

"I had a terrific experience working with Nora O'Halloran!  I was totally overwhelmed with having to transform my daughters' nursery into big girls' room.  After speaking with some friends who had had good experiences with Decorist, I decided to try it out!  I made a quick phone call to Decorist for their advice on picking a designer and was ultimately paired with someone they chose for me.  Nora totally "got" me.  She asked several thoughtful questions that ensured her ideas met my needs.  She communicated with me throughout the entire process and really took an interest in making sure my daughters' room was everything I hoped it would be...and it WAS!!!  I can't wait to start putting the room together and seeing her (*our) vision come together.  I'm looking forward to working on future projects with Nora :-)

--Sabrina T

5 Star Review:

"I loved using Melissa Schenck for the design of my son Weston's beautiful playroom! She listened to all of my ideas and made the whole process very easy and fun! I would use decorist again for another room in my house and I would highly recommend Melissa!"

--Leslie C.

5 Star Review:

"I just enlisted Decorist for a "classic" package to revitalize my bedroom - not without some initial trepidation. I had no idea what to expect from an online design site. I was paired with Rie, and I couldn't be happier with it. Rie was very responsive to all my emails, and she put together a fabulous room plan that works within my budget and keeps my bedroom in my style. I wouldn't ever use another service that isn't Decorist.

--Elle M.

5 Star Review:

"Earlier this year, I got a recommendation to use Decorist from a friend.  My husband and I have no design sense but wanted to make our new house's interior design a lot more elegant than we have done in the past.  We signed up for our living room design, which presented a lot of inherent challenges based on the space.  We were also a challenge in that we have no clue as to what we wanted, liked or examples of inspiration.

After one designer was pulled off of the project, likely because we were so challenging, the Decorist team came up with a new designer, Amanda Foster.  She went so above and beyond working with us that I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate her service and your company.

She was beyond patient with us and came up with such great ideas for us that we never would've come up with (and hadn't after two years of living here).  We are looking forward to doing more work with Decorist on the rest of our house.

What a great service!"

--Barbara P

5 Star Review:

"Hands down great!  We have used havenly in the past and while their designs were good, what decorist offered was more hands on assistance in figuring out our style, budget, etc.  

We used Amanda Foster and I could not be happier!  She helped us to do a revamp of our city patio into an urban oasis and I was so impressed!  I'll post pictures once we put it all together, but the process was fantastic. Amanda worked in depth with me to understand our style including using shared Pinterest boards and very regular communications.  She also looked at a variety of vendors not just the normal ones like West Elm and Crate and Barrel which helped to give a lot of options and keep the budget reasonable.  We even wanted up picking out plants and she researched the swamp like weather we have in Washington DC and which plants will survive the best!  

She also provided a lot of instruction on how to put things together and went above and beyond!  

Highly recommend!"

--Katrina V

5 Star Review:

"I used Decorist for my patio and the end result was stunning! My designer Hilary came up with so many ideas that I would have never thought to use in an outdoor space---like using striped curtains to cover a very boring wall. I have worked with designers that charge really high hourly rates and Decorist proved to be a much more economical choice for getting design help. There are obstacles to working with a virtual designer since they can't physically be in the space with you, but my designer was always available via email to help talk me through any confusion or challenges along the way. The outcome is way beyond what I ever could have done on my own, looks professional and was really affordable.

--Molly S.

5 Star Review:

"My home decor taste is unique, and I prefer vintage. I thought my concept boards would be a challenge for Decorist, but my interior designer Ashley delivered two boards that knocked my socks off! It was nearly impossible to decide which I liked best. 

Working with Decorist was an absolute dream from start to finish. They were there to guide me every step of the way. They listened to my requests, offered suggestions, and ultimately helped me create a swoon worthy bedroom. They helped me take my hot mess of a guest bedroom and turn it into a space I never want to leave. I keep threatening my husband that I'm going to sleep in the guest room tonight. 

Decorist offers an affordable approach to interior design. They save you time and pull your design project together with ease. I can't wait to work with them again on another space in my home. Thank you Decorist!"

--Kyla H

5 Star Review:

"I had started to furnish my dining room with pieces that I love, but didn't know how to finish the room.  It needed to be "pulled together" with a few more pieces of furniture, paint, rug, and all accessories.  I took a leap of faith and a deep breath and hired Decorist.   I deliberated on which designer, because there are many and some only post one or two pics in their portfolio.  I settled on Amanda Foster.  Well....  Long story short, I had a great experience all the way around.  Amanda spent a lot of time gaining insight into my style.  We used a shared Pinterest board.  I pinned and "liked" all sorts of random "modern" stuff, in a rainbow of clashing colors and rad patterns.  How in the world would Amanda "mine" this visual clutter and chaos to create a cohesive room for this minimalist?  Trust, baby...  TRUST!  The girl is an artist with style and vision.  She created two concept boards, both of which were spot on.  She made some suggestions that went against my intuition (like adding a rug under the dining table, offering an alternative to the graffiti art (that I love more than life itself), and gray paint color.)  Well, her ideas were winners.  They dramatically improved the space and I used them all.  (So make sure you stay open-minded during the design process...  It'll pay off.)  Amanda is very client-focused and really wants you to be happy.  She hit the bullseye with me.  Also, raves for Decorist.  I had several communications with others in the company when I was considering signing up.  All were responsive and helpful.  Luv you, "Amanda Foster Superstar" and you too, Decorist!"


5 Star Review:

Megan Moran did a great job with 3 rooms- dining, adjoining living and bedroom.  She was EARLY with her design concepts and meshed the best of both concepts into the final design.  Super easy to work with and often would message back right away.  I love our new dining room- it was definitely cold and she created this very calm space that works so well with lots of different textures.  We had 2 sort of different concept boards for the dining room- one with a bit more edge/city then the other and a more serene design and though she combined them, they still looked like the elements belonged well.  We were definitely a little nervous but decided to trust the experts and now that it's all set up it's fabulous.  I've been so happy.  

We haven't finished buying/receiving the furniture for our connecting living room (on order), but what we have gotten is coming together so nicely.  It's really done a lot for creating a home and so far the dimensions were right on!  She nailed our taste and matched the 1960s ranch style home with her pieces.  It's so cute and she used tables, rugs that belong outside in a very creative way so that they'd be easy to clean with our 2 and 5 yo daughters.  WE love it!

I agree with some of the other comments about having some things in stock, and making swaps but our final design board did not have anything out of stock when we bought within 48 hrs (there were pieces in our concept boards that I loved that were no longer available but I'm not sure that's decorists fault at all, and Megan was great at telling us why she changed those items).  We had decorist order a bunch of stuff and we used coupons for a few of the chain stores to order the rest.

--Kim D.

5 Star Review:

"I loved the entire design. You nailed it! You took what was a hope, a dream and made it into something way beyond my capacity. You are a ROCKSTAR. Thank you Amanda Foster. I've had a wonderful experience. I've really appreciated your enthusiasm and passion. You're wonderful and I'm confident that you'll be the BEST DESIGNER AND MOST REQUESTED. I'm so excited about my makeover! You are so confident, helpful and jubilant throughout all my indecisiveness! Thank you for your patience in communication with me. I was having trouble explaining what I wanted, but I'm so grateful for your hard work in figuring me out. The design is perfection. I'm so glad I got paired with you. 

Thank you and to the Decorist staff! I'll be back

--Dolores F.

5 Star Review:

"I had started to furnish my dining room with pieces that I love, but didn't know how to finish the room.  It needed to be "pulled together" with a few more pieces of furniture, paint, rug, and all accessories.  I took a leap of faith and a deep breath and hired Decorist.   I deliberated on which designer, because there are many and some only post one or two pics in their portfolio.  I settled on Amanda Foster.  Well....  Long story short, I had a great experience all the way around.  Amanda spent a lot of time gaining insight into my style.  We used a shared Pinterest board.  I pinned and "liked" all sorts of random "modern" stuff, in a rainbow of clashing colors and rad patterns.  How in the world would Amanda "mine" this visual clutter and chaos to create a cohesive room for this minimalist?  Trust, baby...  TRUST!  The girl is an artist with style and vision.  She created two concept boards, both of which were spot on.  She made some suggestions that went against my intuition (like adding a rug under the dining table, offering an alternative to the graffiti art (that I love more than life itself), and gray paint color.)  Well, her ideas were winners.  They dramatically improved the space and I used them all.  (So make sure you stay open-minded during the design process...  It'll pay off.)  Amanda is very client-focused and really wants you to be happy.  She hit the bullseye with me.  Also, raves for Decorist.  I had several communications with others in the company when I was considering signing up.  All were responsive and helpful.  Luv you, "Amanda Foster Superstar" and you too, Decorist!"

--E. S. 

5 Star Review:

"Can I just tell you, I.LOVE. BECKY. LIU! Kudos to Decorist for matching me up with my dream designer. Becky has designed my home office and living room so far (bedroom next) and I love that she takes the time to understand my perspective and needs, and COMMUNICATES with me often to ensure I have the right perspective! In my opinion, Becky has mastered that key element and I am satisfied with how she relates to both me and my husband and our circumstances and budget. Becky, is a good "listener" and she delivers on time with step-by-step instructions at the end too! When I question a color, piece or decision, she is able to explain why she did what she did. That gives me reassurance that she knows what she is doing. Thank you again Becky & Decorist for our well designed and thought out spaces! XXX "

--Charissa G.

5 Star Review:

 I loved using Decorist. They helped me walk through each step of the design process for designing my son's nursery. They used the companies I wanted to buy products from and even offered me a discount to purchase my items through them! Win-win! My nursery turned out amazing and it helped me to focus on the aspects that I wanted to without feeling overwhelmed.

--Courtney K.

5 Star Review:

"I used Decorist for my nursery and so happy with the results!"

--Sarah B

5 Star Review:

"SO FUN!  I've used Decorist 2 times and had a great time.  One was for my living room that I ended up buying the majority of the things and most recent with my home office.  Amanda, from Boldin Designs, did a fantastic job and I'm sure went WAY above the call of duty.  When a desk was out of my price range she gave me a ton of other options.  She did a really great job and got creative with a small space!   Looking forward to doing another room soon!"

--Tara M

5 Star Review:

"Found Decorist by accident and so happy I took the chance!  My hall bath project was assigned to Melissa Grieve and she did an amazing job all the way through the project.  I think it's important to take the time to fill out the form in detail and provide the information requested so that you've got the best opportunity for a design that captures your vision.  Melissa was nothing short of a mind reader!  Her initial concepts were both on target but I chose the design that was a white and gray design and included a herringbone marble mosaic accent tile that I just loved!  She made suggestions and included choices that I never would have been able to come up with on my own.  Working online could not have been easier...Melissa was so responsive to messages and always beyond patient with my questions...I never felt like I was working at a distance.  I am so pleased with my final design and can't wait to see it come to life...the contractor starts tomorrow!!!  Would highly recommend Melissa Grieve and Decorist...I'm so pleased, I purchased a living room design before I even had the bath design finished!"

--Maureen M.

5 Star Review:

"I've used Decorist three times now for three different rooms (even a hallway!) and I couldn't be happier with the absolute STUNNING outcomes I've received. Everyone that walks into our home is always impressed with our furniture, artwork and even paint color! 

I was assigned a most fabulous designer (at the most reasonable price!) who was always available to me via email, who really got to understand my likes and dislikes and who I've requested to work with again and again! For each room, I'm given two designs with the options of scrapping it all and starting over OR using both designs to create one that we agree OR using one of the originals she created. From there I was given my final design that brought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful - and bonus! It included room layout, paint options, a shopping list, where to put everything - even where to put the artwork on the walls! Honestly, I couldn't be happier with the level of service I've received and with Jessica - the world's best designer. 

If you're leery about using this - don't be. You will not be disappointed!

--Jennifer K.

5 Star Review:

"I recently moved and turned to Decorist to help decorate my new space.  I've never used any sort of design service (online or in person) previously but caught a buy one get one promo code over Memorial Day and figured why not give it a try.  My rooms were essentially blank canvases as I needed new furniture and I was overwhelmed trying to do the job myself.  I submitted the initial questionnaire and a list of 2-3 designers whose brief bios looked similar to what I was going for.  Neither of them were available and I was matched with Lauren Allen - who ended up being a great match.  My initial concepts were in line with the inspiration boards and info I'd submitted and she used my feedback to create a cohesive design that was right in line with what I wanted.  I did request to change out a piece of artwork on my final design and she quickly got back to me with a few different options to pick from.  The only hiccup in the process was one of the nightstands was out of stock from Wayfair.  She added an alternative to the shopping list but I was able to get the initial one a week or two later.  I used the shopping service for 2 items on the list but was able to use coupon codes from the other stores.  

After the bedroom was complete, I started the process over with my dining room.  It was again very smooth, especially since I'd just worked with Lauren on the bedroom so she knew my aesthetic.  For the bedroom, I liked one of the designs more than the other.  In the dining room, I really liked aspects of both and felt like she blended them together very well.  Again, the process was smooth and communication was quick and easy.  I also appreciated that she stayed at or under budget on both projects.  

I now have everything delivered and am just waiting to do a little painting and to hang artwork and curtains but it's exciting to see the rooms come together.  After moving around a lot and having most of my furniture for 5-10 years since college/grad school, I was looking to create a more mature, cohesive look in my first home and she definitely accomplished that.  I'm very pleased with my designs and the way the process worked.  I felt like the design services were a great value - especially with the promo code - and wouldn't hesitate to use Decorist and Lauren again in the future for other rooms."

--Sarah B.

5 Star Review:

"Working with Becky Leu on a kitchen renovation. I was very skeptical about using an online decorating service, must have called ten times before committing. I chose the classic decorator and couldn't be luckier that i was paired with Becky!! She has become more of a decorating therapist as i struggled to select backslash, paint, etc... for my new kitchen. The project was moving daily in real time as contractors were on the clock. Becky was patient, responsive and always there with design ideas and solutions. Awaiting my final boards with finishing touches, but couldn't be more pleased with the results so far."

--Shari P.

5 Star Review:

"I recently enlisted Decorist to help design my new office space. I needed help translating my ideas into a reality that was affordable as I wanted to avoid cutting corners as much as possible but definitely had a modest budget to work with.

I lucked out by being assigned Ashley. She was exactly what I didn't realize I needed for this project. She got my taste and didn't try to talk me into things that were "cool" or "hip" but rather tried to define the rules of the design and equip me with the knowledge of what to look for when shopping for lights, chairs, rugs and even art. She didn't recommend the most expensive furniture while helping me understand which pieces are worth paying more for and which aren't.

We collaborated mostly online through email or text which I found that to be a great way to work. I didn't need hours or her time. I needed 10 minutes here. 20 minutes there. She was responsive and opinionated in the best way. In the end, my space looks killer and would happily recommend Decorist to others looking for design help and who are looking to become better designers themselves."

-- Stephan G

5 Star Review:

"I just had a fantastic experience with Decorist.  Vanessa W. did amazing job on my son's bedroom.  Results are a great and the process was really fun.  I would highly recommend!"

--Camille L

"I read about Decorist on a few design blogs. It was an affordable design option for a room I was at a loss with. You take a simple (almost fun) quiz to determine your design/decor style (if you don't know it) and you're then matched with 1 of their designers. My designer was super responsive and personable -- we connected through their chat feature, which was really easy and convenient. I was presented with 2 design options, gave feedback on the aspects I liked the most of both of those and then was given a final design concept. The shopping list at the end with recommend products was a gift in and of itself. I only wonder if Decorist/Lowe's could leverage their scale and get better prices on the products -- or free shipping at least. Something to think about!"

--Katelyn S. V.

5 Star Review:

"I have a smaller (950 sq ft) SFO apartment home that I needed some help decorating. This was my first time working with an Interior Designer and I was a little nervous selecting one that was internet based.  After doing some reading I chose "Decorist". They have three plans "Classic, Elite, and Celebrity" to chose from, I signed up for their Classic plan and I was assigned Megan Morgan. Megan was very prompt with responding all my communications. As promised she delivered her initial design (vision boards) to me within one week. 

I was very pleased to see, after reviewing Megan's initial design and spending more time with her using Decorist's instant messaging system, she produced another design that captured my vision for my home.

The products featured in Megan's designs are made available with links from retail outlets on the web. I liked that Decorist gives their customers the option to purchase via their service or directly from the retail outlet. 

The price I had given was much better than I had seen elsewhere for the same scope of work. And the 100% satisfaction guarantee sealed the deal for me."

--Suhail S

5 Star Review:

"Decorist is an affordable, convenient service.  Ms. Katja O'Brien, is a top-notch, dedicated Interior Decorator. She kept me informed throughout the process. Our collaboration paid-off BIG with room designs that reflect my personality."

--John S

5 Star Review:

"I absolutely love working with Decorist.  I worked with them to redo my bedroom.  The entire experience was so great.  My designer Vanessa was right on with her design choices.  I just had her redesign my entry and will use her for every design project.  Decorist is so easy to work with.  They stay within budget and deliver on promises.  I am so thrilled with the results.  I love my new spaces.  It is so easy to get started.  I am a working mom with 3 kids so this is something I was able to do with little time investment on my part.  I didn't have time to research or meet with designers.  I uploaded pictures and some info and they paired me with Vanessa.   It is so simple and the outcome was just perfect."

--Joyce J

5 Star Review:

"I love Decorist and was surprised that they surprised me.  Their finds are spot on but things I could have never found on my own.  My home looks like a pro designed it.....because it's true.  Can't believe how affordable this is.  Anyone who cares about their home and making it amazing, needs to enlist decorist asap."

-- Jennifer L.

4 Star Review:

"I discovered "The Decorist" through Michelle Adams's Instagram. After looking at designers's portfolio, I chose Amanda Foster...It was a match made in heaven!!! The sweetest person to work with and really listening to my needs. My basement is still not finished as I am pacing myself with the purchases but so far, my kids love their new basement and my eldest daughter just love receiving her teenage friends and play music together.

The only reason I am giving 4 stars is because it was hard for my designer to find stuff based in Montreal, Canada and most retailers she suggested were American...therefore, it was costing me a lot on shipping and duty fees. Instead, I took my time to shop at local stores to find similar products that Amanda had chosen. 

I truly suggest The Decorist for interior designers on a budget."

--Kim H

5 Star Review:

"My experience with Decorist was great! I first tried them through the use of their Design Bar. Since there was no cost to me, I thought it would be a chance to see how it worked and if I would like it. I didn't ask for a specific designer. Amanda Foster was assigned to me and she was wonderful! Her quick reply to my design question and all the choices she offered helped me decide to use her for our master bedroom make over.

The entire process went very smoothly. Amanda came back with two designs both of which we really liked. There were only a couple of changes we made and had updates to our final choice very quickly. One thing I should point out is that our bedroom furniture is fairly new so we wanted to keep most of it. Amanda was great about using what we wanted to keep and coming up with great designs to update our room. The updates were all within our budget.

I used their order service. It was very easy. There were a couple of items that ended up on back order and Amanda quickly came up with something else, which I ended up liking just as well. Even though the backordered items had been purchased and then canceled, I was given a credit and it showed up on my card within a couple of days. Veronica and Brea were always very helpful and responsive to any of my purchase related questions.

Even though I used their order service, I would probably order the items myself in the future. The whole process was smooth and easy but I found I wasn't as patient about waiting for information on my purchases as I thought I would be. 

I loved this service and will definitely use them in the future.  Amanda, Veronica and Brea were great to work with."

--Jill C.

5 Star Review:

"I signed up with Decorist after trying and failing to capture the look I wanted for my living room.  It actually started with me submitting a question about coffee tables to the design bar.  I was lucky enough to have designer Amanda Foster answer that question.  I loved her suggestions and decided I could use her help for the entire look of the room.  After months of indecision and endless Pinterest boards, I knew the general idea of what I wanted but was missing the eye needed to pull it all together without being too matchy or too neutral.  From the get-go, Amanda understood my vision but also knew how to push me (gently!) out of my comfort zone to create a beautiful, glam, feminine yet cozy living room.  The 2 concept boards were right on target and we actually decided to combine them to create the final look.  Amanda was fantastic to work with - so patient, creative, collaborative, open to incorporating my ideas and feedback yet still steered me away from items she knew wouldn't work.  I was amazed by the personal and round the clock attention that I received.  Amanda - do you ever sleep?!  In the end, I felt like I was working with a friend that happened to be an interior designer and walked away with a living room design that I am completely in love with.  And the "order for me" option is a nice perk that takes the work out of turning the final design into a reality.   I can't recommend Amanda Foster enough - definitely request one of her designs!"

--Erin J

4 Star Review:

"There were definitely ups and downs in my Decorist experience, but overall, I am impressed with the customer and design service. 

I started out with a designer who, frankly, produced two very underwhelming concepts. I gave specific feedback, hopeful that this would result in something that I liked. After waiting for a while for the final concept, I was told that the designer was no longer going to be working on my project, that that I would be assigned someone new. I was not pleased at this point, and I asked Decorist to assign me someone who was tried and true. Enter: Ellice!

Ellice was amazing and it was clear that she really tried to get a good sense of my style by exploring my pinterest boards and reading all of the feedback I had given to the previous designer. She came up with a design I love, and I am really pleased with my experience working with her. I used the Decorist ordering service, which has thus far been a breeze. It wasn't all smooth sailing to get to this point, and based on the reviews below, it sounds like there may be some consistency issues. However, the customer service is great, and ultimately, my concerns were all addressed. I'm just waiting for the rest of the items I ordered now, and am excited to have my bedroom come together. :)

--Ariel X

5 Star Review:

"I have used Decorist, Laurel and Wolf, and Decorilla for interior design of our new house. I would have to say that Decorist has been my favorite. I did a Classic Design with Amanda Foster and I feel like she really got my vision. I was a little concerned that you only got to see designs from one designer, but both of her initial vision boards I was very happy with. That did not exactly happen with the other two sites, my vision boards with them are almost completely different from the final design. Not the case with Amanda, she really understood what I wanted, and we really only had minor changes here and there. With the other design sites I felt like it was me constantly sending over links of things I liked to swap out for their picks. 

I also liked how the first two design mockups with Decorist are pretty accurate to what your room will actually look like. It's not just a bunch of furniture on a board that you have to 100% use your imagination for. When I began this process they did not offer 3-D rendering, which is why I had originally went with a different design company for my living room. I'm happy to say they do now offer it for an additional $99. For someone like my husband who has a hard time using his imagination this is big for us. I will certainly use Decorist again for my future interior design needs. I have to say out of the three they are my clear winner. 

I will also say Decorist is one of the most reasonable design sites price wise. They often have 30% sales around holidays which for me makes it a no brainer. A professionally designed room for around $200?! Yes please! Along with a 100% satisfaction guaranty you really can't go wrong. 

Word to the wise don't use an online interior design service until you are 100% positive you will be closing on your house. The room Amanda originally designed for me is no longer, but I can still apply almost the exact same design to our new house. All is well that ends well!

--Holly K.

5 Star Review:

"Decorist was the best decision I made while redecorating my room. Hiring an interior designer was completely out of the question for me. I'm in my early 20s and that sort of investment just didn't make sense for me. For $299, I was able to get paired with a super talented designer named Amanda Foster. Unlike traditional interior designers, Decorist allowed us to communicate and collaborate all online. Amanda continuously checked up on my Pinterest board and I felt like me getting my dream room was truly a priority for her. One of my biggest worries was that a more traditional or cookie cutter style was going to get pushed on me. That was not the case. The final concept was exactly the unique, eclectic style I envisioned. I would definitely recommend Decorist to my friends and family. Personally, I can't wait to use it again. And if you want a really unique space, don't hesitate to request Amanda Foster."

--Elena O


5 Star Review:

"Thanks to everyone at Decorist!  My tired living room was refreshed and renewed in a short time.  I loved my designer Ellice Condon - she was so easy to work with, very responsive and has amazing taste!  I can't wait to work with the Decorist team again!


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