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How It Works - More Information

The Decorist online interior design process makes designing a new room easy and affordable, in your style and at any budget. The biggest challenges of traditional interior design are time and cost required to hire an interior designer by the hour. In addition, having to meet with an interior designer in person requires scheduling multiple sessions for the duration of the interior design project. Here's how the process works:

Choose Your Room

Tell us more about the room you'd like to make over by answering a short and easy online interior design questionnaire to give us more information about your design inspiration (Pinterest boards, pictures of rooms you've seen in magazine or on interior design websites, or even just places or things), your interior design budget and what you'd like to see in your final room from a functional perspective. This is also a great time to tell us what you like or don't like, design-wise. Not sure what your interior design style is? Don't worry; we can quickly help you figure that out.

Choose Your Designer — Or Let Us Match You

We have more than 400 interior designers on our platform, across every different interior design style. If you've seen a portfolio of one of our online interior designers that has caught your eye, let us know and we'll do our best to pair you with that designer. Or, let us match you with a designer for your online interior design project based on your style and budget.

Choose A Concept

Your online interior designer will design two different concepts specifically for your space, based on your style and input. Once you have those online interior design concepts, pick the one you like more, or pick the elements you like best from each of them for your designer to combine into a final design concept. If you're getting a 3D add-on for your project, once you approve the final design concept your project will be rendered and you'll have your 3D renderings in just a few days later—it's like a photo shoot of your new room before you shop!

Shop For Your New Room With Ease

Shop For Your New Room

Your final design concept for your online interior design project will come with a shopping list of all the items included in the design. Shop for any of the items you'd like to purchase, from more than 250 brands, in a single cart and checkout. Our Concierge team is here to help you get the best deal on items from your online interior design project. Once you've shopped, all you need to do is put the room together based on the detailed layout and directions your interior designer will provide and your new room will be complete.

Your Decorist online interior designer will provide a personalized online shopping list of furniture and decor from trusted brands and retailers with everything you need to complete your design. Once you order your items, all you need to do is put together your new room based on the detailed layout instructions and floor plan provided with your final design, and your new room will be complete and ready to enjoy.

Decorist online interior design


The Decorist Online Interior Design Process

Work with a professional to design the home you want. Online interior design. Anytime, anywhere.

Online interior design step 1
First, let us get to know you.

Get started by choosing the room you need help with. After choosing a room design package, you'll provide details about your room and budget, likes and dislikes, and upload your room and inspiration photos.
Simone Howell Elite Designer
Get matched with the perfect designer for you.

Our designers are hand-picked from the best in the industry. We match you with an online interior designer based on your unique style and budget. You may also start a project by choosing a designer you want to work with.
Decorist online process
Work online with your interior designer.

Your designer creates two initial design concepts based on your project details. After you provide feedback, your designer works with you to finalize your online interior design.

Your final design includes a complete room design, custom floor plan, set-up instructions, and shopping list.

What You Get

Order for Me
Order your new items in one easy checkout.

We get you the best prices from your favorite retailers and access to amazing wholesale finds—all in one cart! It's the fastest, easiest way to get all your beautiful new pieces hassle free. Our dedicated Decorist Purchasing Team will handle all the details for you.
Interior Design Project
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Enjoy the room you’ve always wanted.


How long does the typical online interior design project take?
We can work with any timeline, whether you need a new room ASAP or need more time. It takes about 2-3 weeks to complete the process, which includes two initial design concepts, messaging time with your designer, and your final design, furniture layout, and shopping list. Celebrity designers typically take between 1-2 months from start to finish due to their schedules.
Do I get matched with a designer or do I pick one?
You’re welcome to pick an online interior designer you’d like to work with by browsing our roster. You can select the designer of your choice and get started directly from their profile page. If you’re not sure which designer fits your style and budget we’re happy to match you.
Can I talk to my designer during the design process?
Yes! You'll communicate with your interior designer during the design process through the messaging feature in your project dashboard. For Celebrity packages, you'll be messaging with your personal design scriptsant and receive a 30 minute phone call.
Can designers work with my existing furniture?
Absolutely, in fact, we ask if you have furniture you would like to keep in your project details. Please be sure to share photos of the existing furniture you would like to keep.
Will designers stay within my budget?
Yes, our designers keep your budget in mind when selecting furniture.
Where do you source products from?
We work with hundreds of retailers and vendors, many of which are already your favorites and some that are your designer’s “secret sources”. Please let your designer know what stores you like best and they'll do their best to accommodate specific requests.
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Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

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